Retro Rock & Boogie Night

Friday January 31st

Dinner at 6pm

Band at 8pm

Tickets and Information:

Step right up Ladies and gentlemen. 

Don’t be shy…. 

Come see the one and only…and never lonely… 

The Beverly Thrillbillies 

For one night only at Marv's Classic Soda Shop in Black Diamond.

Retro Night and Boogie 

Just back from their cross Balzac tour on the Chippendales Senior Circuit, the Beverly Thrillbillies will create musical memories that will last a lunch time. 

Watch, right before your very eyes, the breath-taking guitar player perform amazing licks and tricks that people will actually pay for. He can also play the guitar pretty damn well. 

Watch in amazement a drummer who can sing and play drums at the same time.        Yes, he is the male version of Karen Carpenter, only this guy can play “Wipeout” and keep a pizza down. 

Be hypnotized by the slow talking, young bass player as he puts a love spell on all the women in the audience. Certain restraining orders will be lifted for one night, and one night only. 

The first five women over the age of 40 will receive a marriage proposal from the most eligible bachelor in High River. Proof of ID and bank accounts will be checked at the door. 

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and listen to the lead singer tell stories that resemble the truth. Listen as he tries to remember the words to the songs and more importantly, where he is… 

It’s real. 

It’s live. 

It’s almost entertainment. 

Watch in amazement as hundreds of beautiful women show up to watch 

Keith Urban, not these guys of course. 

Its wild. 

It’s fun. 

it’s almost free...(This seems to be a key word) 

The Amazing... (Have I used that word 

The Amazing Legends of Rockabilly…The Beverly Thrillbillies 


George Clooney MAY make an appearance. 

(There’s more scroll down this is a big time production)